Welcome Pool & Basement Construction


Welcome to Pool and Basement construction which is a specialist division and is part of the K.F Quinn concrete construction group, which is a highly recognized Shropshire based formwork contractor carrying out all aspects of Reinforced concrete works packages.

We are a family run business with the directors actively involved in the day to day running of the company.

Here at Basement and Pool construction we specialize, and can provide you with a full basement package including the bulk excavation, muck away, and drainage together with the concrete box structure.




We have various teams who specialize in this type of works who work closely with the client to make sure they meet the clients requirements on time and within budget.

Due to the nature of these works, we are aware that the majority of these basements and pools will eventually form part of someone’s future home so we realize that changes can be last minute and sometimes without the relevant information, but with our knowledge and experience, we are able to accommodate for the client and ensure we make the changes required.