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Here at Pool and Basement Construction, we are renowned for our skill and efficiency with which we construct basements, as well as this, we are able to go deeper and carry out in-situ swimming pools, spas and Jacuzzis to meet the clients needs.

We know that deep excavations can be dangerous and health and safety is of paramount importance to us. We ensure that all deep excavations have the relevant earthwork support system, whether this be traditional under pinning, concrete piling, sheet piling or a battered excavation to prevent any risk of collapse. K.F Quinn work with all their clients to provide a job that is within budget and programme no matter how complicated.

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We like to value engineer our products to ensure that the best methods are used in that particular environment.

We work closely with numerous builders and contractors, where we have successfully constructed basements and swimming pools for them for many years.

We work with our suppliers who can also supply us with waterproof concrete mixes and expandable water bar systems required within the structure.